★ Facebook Marketing gives us the opportunity to expand our connections. If you’re looking for practical and effective guidance on how to use Facebook to grow your business, this next workshop will set you up for success. Our guest speaker will discuss how to focus your activity on Facebook to meet your specific business goals through Organic Facebook Marketing and Facebook Advertising (Paid Traffic).

If you’re tired of wasting time and money trying to figure out why some facebook marketing work and yours don’t, this is a course for you.

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Harness the full marketing potential of Facebook for your business. Two day training course in #Jogja. Reserve now!

☆ Our Speaker ☆:

1. Nofi Bayu Darmawan, Managing Director at Fanspage Id – Your Social Media Stuff
FanspageID, http://Fanspage.ID is a service based business dedicated to creating, planning, and handling facebook marketing (and sometimes other forms of promotion on internet) for its clients and provides an outside point of view to the effort of selling the client’s products or services.
FanspageID was experienced in handling more than 1000+ Small and Medium Enterprises (SME/UKM) in Indonesia.

☞ [Our objective in this event] ☜ :
· How best to optimize your Business via Organic FB Marketing
· How best to optimize your Business via FB Ads
· Setting up your Facebook Advertising for maximum results

2. Kadra IM-Class
⌲ Online Marketing Practitioners, Business Owner of KaskusKadra.
⌲ Chief Marketing Online Perusahaan SocialPreanure
⌲ Chief Marketing Online Perusahaan Tour And Travel ( BackPacker Ala NLP )
⌲ Founder of Kadra I’m Class
Course Outline:
[1st Day] – Keynote Speaker: Nofi Bayu Darmawan

Session 1:
Facebook Ads Mindmap
Ads Audience Research – Case Study
Audience Insight
Low Budget Facebook Ads Concept
Low Cost Page Post Engagement – Practical
Low Cost Page Like – Practical

Session 2:
Custom Audience for Facebook Ads – Practical
Analyze Performance via Facebook Ads Report – Practical
Fanpage Facebook`s Funnel
Facebook Marketing Tools

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[2nd Day] – Keynote Speaker: Kadra
“Organic Traffic Facebook Marketing from A-Z”

1. Free Acces Secret Group: Alumni FanspageID
2. Doorprize: Facebook Advertiser T-Shirt
Who should attend this event:
– Business Owner
– Entrepreneur
– Online & Offline Marketer

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⌨ Your Investment:
→ Before 10 Sept 2015
1st Day [Only]: IDR 900.000
2nd Day [Only]: IDR 700.000

✄ 2-Day Package just for IDR 1.450.000
→10 Sept 2015 till On The Spot
1st Day [Only]: IDR 1.000.000
2nd Day [Only]: IDR 800.000

✄ 2-Day Package just for IDR 1.650.000
Limited 30 participant (Register now)

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